Blount County United’s “Walk Against Racism” is becoming annual event in the fall.  More than 150 people (above)  participated in the 2017 walk on West Alexander Parkway from New Providence Presbyterian Church to Aubrey’s Restaurant and back to the Blount County Courthouse. 

Rev. Dr. Willa Estell

Chaired by Rev. Dr. Willa Estell, the Faith Community Committee is charged with collaborating with clergy, community churches, temples and other places of worship, as well as faith-based organizations to deepen the understanding and appreciation for diversity throughout Blount County through the lens of faith. This Committee also serves as advocate and voice for the disenfranchised, upholding the “self-evident” truth “that all men (humankind) are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights including life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.